Please Build My Website

tumblr_lsrkztBGG71qii6tmo1_500I have a small confession to make: I am oh so terrible at figuring out most computer issues. Don’t get me wrong, I’m tech literate, and I can do more than your average grandparent and/or household pet. But when it comes to things like HTML, CSS and general maintenance of a webpage, I know absolutely nothing.

Because of this, I would need to hire a designer to help me take care of my website. I hate that. I absolutely hate that I have to rely on someone for this, mostly for reasons that don’t belong on a blog. But a huge part of the problem comes from the fact that it’s going to be expensive to do this.

This post goes over just a few of the many factors that play into how a website is built before giving price estimates on how much it will cost to hire a designer. Those are some lofty prices, and while I’m loathe to pay it, it’s either that or just scrap the idea.

Luckily, another post lists plenty of helpful tips on what to take into account when creating a website, and there is a ton to learn about here. It would definitely behoove me to look into these issues before hiring anyone, simply because if I don’t know what I want, then how can I relay it to anyone else? Just a little something to think on.


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